Air Charter

We are pleased to announce that we have received UK CAA Approval for the PC12 aircraft to be added to our AOC. Ravenair is the 1st UK Operator of the type. The AOC allows Air Charter for passenger and cargo operations under SET-IMC conditions.

Ravenair owns and operates eighteen Multi Engine Piston (MEP) aircraft under the approval of the company’s EU PART-OPS, Air Operator’s Certificate. The aircraft are multi-role, flying passengers, light freight, aerial survey, aero medical flights and airline AOG flights. Following the UK leaving the EU on 01 January 2021, Ravenair is also now EASA TCO “Third Country Operator“ authorised.

The aircraft in the fleet are the original ‘black cab’ air taxi, and are of such a size that they do not require the use of a licenced airfield for flight operations; this allows the use of the many smaller local airfields which are not served by scheduled flights.

These regional airfields are often much closer to your final destination and therefore offer a more direct routing, avoiding transfers at congested major airports, followed by a tiresome lengthy road journey.

Chartering an aircraft offers the ultimate in flexible timetabling at the same time providing you and your associates with a secure, private, travelling and working environment, from fast track check-in at our Business Aviation Centre, through to arrival at your destination.

Our management team has many years of experience in sourcing aircraft and arranging charters in a variety of aircraft. So whether it be a helicopter, air taxi, private jet or airliner, Ravenair will ensure the best aircraft is selected at a competitive price. If your plans include group travel, Ravenair also has larger aircraft available by special arrangement, please contact our operations department for details via our brokerage service.

Ravenair specialises in rapid response aircraft charter, especially for the carriage of ‘Aircraft-On-Ground’ (AOG) urgent aircraft spare parts for airlines and medical flights for the National Health Service and Hospital Trusts, transferring time-critical transplant organs and medical teams. The service is not restricted to just these items; oil industry components, car parts, digital media and urgent documents can all be carried quickly and cost-effectively.