Pets Travel Scheme

Passengers can fly into Liverpool John Lennon Airport with their furry friends as Ravenair-LAS is approved as one of the UK’s entry points for pets.

Ravenair-LAS has been authorised by the Government to handle domestic dogs, cats and ferrets under the DEFRA/Animal Health Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).

PETS is the system that allows pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to enter the UK without the need for quarantine as long as they meet the rules. We provide this service in partnership with 4PAWS UK.

Our Pet Travel Service offers you a dedicated pet handling team trained to process the necessary paperwork and to meet and greet pets and their owners or handlers on their arrival at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK. The service allows hassle-free travel for owners and their pets and allows pets to relax in the comfort of the aircraft cabin during flights. We are able to clear flights with pets onboard for onwards travel to other UK destinations.

The Pet Travel team will check the pet’s passport, travel credentials and its micro-chip with the owner or handler in the cabin. Once all the relevant paperwork has been checked and stamped as required, the pet is free to leave the aircraft.

Please read the information below which tells you what you need to do to ensure that your pet is able to fly into the UK. All applications to bring a pet into the UK under the regulations of the DEFRA/Animal Health PETS Scheme must be received by the Pet Travel team by email at least 24 hours before your flight departs to the UK – without exception.

Any pet that arrives with inaccurate or incomplete documentation, without approval, or with a micro-chip that won’t read, will be held at our approved facility pending transportation to quarantine. Please contact us for more details.

More information is available on Defra’s website.

An overview of the procedure is given below to allow operators/carriers and the pet owner oversight of the process.


Any aircraft operator/air carrier who wishes to transport Cats, Dogs and/or Ferrets into Liverpool John Lennon must first agree a Required Method of Operation (RMOP) (PT19) with the local AHVLA Office and have a Service Level Agreement with Ravenair-LAS

A partially completed RMOP (PT19) is available on our website in the download area. A carrier wishing to agree an RMOP must complete and sign this form and return it via email to The Ravenair-LAS Operations Manager will then complete the required procedure with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Once this procedure has been completed the aircraft operator/air carrier will be issued with an approval number giving them approval to transport animals through Liverpool John Lennon Airport using Ravenair/LAS.

Once an approval has been granted the carrier has to make a booking if they intend to bring animals into Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The booking should be part of the handling request and must be received with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. There is NO deviation on this timescale. Requests are to be made via email to by the aircraft operator/air carrier. Once the request has been made the pet owner will be requested to fax or email all PETS paperwork to Ravenair to allow pre-checking and minimise possible issues on arrival. Once this documentation has been received it is to be forwarded to our contracted checker, 4PAWS UK requesting them to undertake the required checks.

Ravenair-LAS Ops will inform 4PAWS UK of the intended aircraft movement, operator, flight number, departure airport and expected arrival time. 4PAWS UK will arrange to be at Ravenair-LAS Business Aviation Centre facility in time to meet the aircraft. Any deviation from schedule MUST be communicated to 4Paws UK in a timely manner. Please be aware that 4Paws are NOT located / based at Liverpool John Lennon Airport therefore travel time (by road) has to be taken into account.

Once approval from 4PAWS UK has been received then confirmation to the aircraft operator/air carrier is sent which will be in the form of a reply to the handing request granting PPR for the intended aircraft movement with the pet onboard.

Prior to the aircraft arrival the approved facility kennels located at the Ravenair/LAS Business Aviation Centre are prepared in the event that they are required.

On arrival the animal is to remain on-board the aircraft whether the aircraft is parked on the GA Apron or on the Main Apron until the pets checker has completed his/her checks of the pet.

Once the animal has successfully passed the clearance checks it can be released to its owner and disembarked from the aircraft. All passengers and animals will then be dealt with as per passenger handling procedures.

Please note that a Cat, Dog or Ferret that fails the required check upon arrival at Liverpool John Lennon can be held in the approved facility for a maximum of 4 hours. In the event that an animal will not become PETS compliant within this period the animal must be re-exported or moved to an approved Quarantine Kennel, a list of which can be found at the following web page:

All animals must be transported in accordance with conditions agreed in the RMOP.

In the unlikely event that the pet checker is delayed and is not present for the arrival of the aircraft, the animal is to remain on-board or transferred by company vehicle to the approved kennel in Hangar 2 to await their arrival. Note the maximum time the animal can remain in the approved location is 4 hours.