Part-FCL Instrument Rating – IR(A)

Probably the most demanding flying test you will ever sit, the Part-FCL Instrument Rating is respected all over the world. At Ravenair we train on twin engine aircraft and a FNPT II flight simulator. Gaining this major rating will allow you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) – an obvious necessity when flying on commercial routes.

Requirements for obtaining an IR:

Must hold a CPL, or a PPL with night rating, in which case the 7 IR theorectical knowledge exams must have been passed before starting the course.

Must hold a MEP Rating.

CPL, ATPL or IR written exams should be completed prior to flying course.

For a CPL holder who already holds a MEP Rating and who holds a valid Class 1 medical, Ravenair offer a 45 hour multi-engine IR, which consists of 30 hours in the FNPT II and 15 hours in the PA34 Piper Seneca.

For a PPL holder with Night Rating and MEP Rating, who has passed the 7 IR theoretical knowledge exams, and who holds either a Class 1 and 2 medical, Ravenair offer a 55 hour multi-engine IR which consists of 35 hours in the FNPT II and 20 hours in the PA34 Piper Seneca.

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