Part-FCL Multi-Engine CBIR(A) Modular Course

Pre-entry Requirements

Applicants wishing to take the Part-FCL Multi-Engine CBIR (A) modular course must meet the following requirements before commencement of the course:

  • Hold a Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) Rating.
  • Hold a Night Rating.
  • Have completed at least 50-hours of cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command (PIC).
  • Hold a valid EASA medical certificate.
  • Hold a valid EASA Private Pilots Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).

Ground Examinations

Applicants should have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge examinations as set out in Part-FCL. The Skill Test should be completed within the period of validity of a pass in all theoretical examinations. Ravenair do not at this time provide a ground studies course for the IR/CPL/ATPL examinations, however we recommend Bristol Groundschool who specialise in these ground studies.

Course Details

The amount of training required on the course is determined by the individual’s prior experience and qualifications. The course begins with a flight assessment to determine what credits, if any, can be given and then the training is carried out using the FNPT II simulator and PA34-200T aircraft. The course culminates with the candidate taking the Instrument Rating Skill Test on the aircraft.

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