Flying School Re-Start of Operations Monday 20th July 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Firstly we’d like to thank you for your patience during these unprecedented and testing times. We have now been able to move forward and generate safety measures for the reopening of our flying school, to members of the public.

Some measures we have put in place can be seen below, and we kindly ask that all of our customers abide by the measures for their own safety and that of our employees. Please note that our FBO Handling, AOC Charter, SPO Survey, PC12/TBM Aircraft and Engineering Departments have continued to operate daily throughout lockdown whilst following UK Government, EASA, Dft CAA etc advice. We have therefore been successful in implementing robust measures to protect our customers, employees and facilities.

Flying School ATO/DTO Operations.

We are fortunate that we have more space available than other Flying Schools and Club facilities, you will however be restricted as to where you can go within the facilities to avoid cross over people and use of doors and associated facilities. You will be restricted to the Flying Portacabins, garden area, flying school ramp area and the toilet facilities adjacent to the Flying School on the ground floor of hangar 2. Access to other areas will be by arrangement and under escort from a member of staff.

·         Customers are to provide and wear, a face mask/covering in communal facilities including moving around our facilities and whilst on-board an aircraft occupied by members of more than 1 household.

·         Customers should provide their own hand sanitizer products and personal dispensers.

·         Customers must bring and use their own High-Viz vest or High-Viz jacket. Customers will not be permitted to share with others.

·         Customers should provide and use their own stationary for planning and other tasks and should not share this equipment (pens, rulers, etc.)

·         We would ask that students and PPL’s provide their own aircraft headset in order to reduce any risk of cross contamination with others.

·         Customers should not bring guests with them into our facilities in order to reduce footfall and therefore contamination.

·         Customers should not arrive for their lesson/booking slot unreasonably early, and must wait outside the school gate or in their vehicles until invited in by a member of staff.

·         Inside the school we would ask that individuals maintain a minimum 2m social distancing separation where possible and follow floor markings and signs where applicable and appropriate.

·         The positioning of the school desks have been changed and we ask, that under no circumstances should customers go behind these desks; this is for your protection and that of our employees. Screens will be fitted to the reception desks.

·         There will be a one-way system in operation between the school gate and the front door of the school as we are aware of the potential for a “bottle neck” area. Please abide by the system in place.

All of the above is there to help reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19 for all of our customers and staff members, and to allow continuous operation once we have reopened. If you have any questions about the measures taken above please email the school in response to this email.

We would also like to take this opportunity to “gauge” customer interest in wishing to return to operations. In order to make various judgments required to help us to reopen successfully we would be grateful if you could reply to this email with either a positive or negative response and also, where possible/appropriate, the course you are on or wish to take.

Please do not make booking requests at this time as they will block up the booking system, Leah will be back at work on Monday 13th July and will make a start at setting up administration, bookings etc. We will send out updates via this medium and make other brief announcements via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please note that in addition to our flight training operations we also hope to be recommencing our ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training at the end of the month and so we are welcoming any enquiries to

Kind Regards

From all at Ravenair and Liverpool Aviation Services..

Flying School​