Ravenair/LAS operates dedicated vehicles for both Avgas 100LL and Jet A1 fuel grades for based and visiting Business and General Aviation customers to ensure that fuel is available immediately, thus avoiding extended ground time and ensuring your aircraft keeps to its planned schedule. Provision of both grades of fuel is a requirement of the Airport Company under our FBO and Lead Tenancy Contracts. We are able to fuel at the General Aviation Apron and the Main Apron. We have the ability to fuel larger commercial passenger and cargo aircraft via the Shell Aviation Main Apron Into Plane Operation. See below for further details.

Our normal hours of operation for GA Fuelling are 0800 local to 2000 local daily, we can fuel H24 on request, charges apply.

Ravenair has entered into a long term management agreement with Shell Aviation for the provision of Into-Plane fuelling of commercial aircraft. Ravenair employs the fuelling operatives and manages Into-Plane operation at Liverpool John Lennon Airport on behalf of Shell Aviation.

Normal hours of operation for the Shell Main Apron Into Plane Operation are 0500 local to 0130 local daily, overtime charges are applicable from Shell, the minimum charge is 250.00 GBP plus VAT as applicable. See Shell Aviation website for more details.

Airfield Posted Prices – Effective 01st November 2021 to 30th November  2021 (Subject to Weekly Variation).

The Airport Levy at EGGP increased for both Avgas and JET-A1 effective 01Jan2020. Throughput Fee Applicable from 01Jun2021.

The UK Government DUTY rate increased from 37.70 PPL to 38.20 PPL effective 01Jan2021.

JET-A1 (Available GA Apron and Main Apron – Pressure and Over-Wing) 

£ 1.08 + VAT at the prevailing rate. Price includes Airport Levy. See possible surcharges below.

Main Apron Uplifts attract surcharges as follows, such surcharges are not applicable at the GA Apron.

Hook Up Fee of 25.00 GBP per Uplift

Small Distribution Fee of 35.00 GBP for Uplifts of less than 1000 Litres

AVGAS 100LL (Available GA Apron and Main Apron – Over-Wing Only)  

£ 2.18 + VAT at the prevailing rate.  Price includes Avgas Duty at £ 0.3770 Per Litre and Airport Levy.

Discounted Rates are available for based aircraft and for operators lifting significant volume. For those with agreed discounts, please apply your PPL discount from the monthly PAP rates given above.

Carnet and Fuel Release Suppliers and Brokers with Agreed Credit Facilities.
AEG Release / Carnet
Air BP – Carnet / Release
Jeppesen Release
Jetex Release
Rockwell Collins Release
Universal Weather & Aviation – UVair Fuelling Card / Release
World Fuel Services (WFS) – Avcard – Carnet / Release