Single Engine Turbine (SET) PC12 NG, NGX & TBM900

PC-12 for PART-NCO & Dry Lease.

Please Note that effective August 2021 the PC12 is now approved for AOC Charter – Commercial Air Transport CAT Passenger and Cargo. Ravenair is the 1st AOC holder in the UK to gain PC12 SET-IMC AOC Approval.

Ravenair is managing a PC-12 NG and a new 2020 PC12 NGX under Management Agreements. The aircraft are operated EASA PART-NCO and are available for Dry Lease.

The Pilatus PC12 is a 9 passenger-seat pressured aircraft with a single turbine engine. Its performance is similar to light jet aircraft but it has a lower operating cost and a lower environmental foot print. It is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today and over 1400 aircraft have been produced. In operation around the world, the PC-12 can be found operating in a number of roles including executive transport, cargo operations, air ambulance/Medevac, airline-commuter and special mission applications.

Whether it is the large cabin, single pilot operations, long range, low operating costs, high speed, short-field capability, or precision Swiss engineering and construction, customers find the perfect balance of features to serve their needs.

G-PKHA PC12 NG MSN 1776 YOM 2018 is based at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA/EGNM)

G-MDSI PC12 NGX MSN 2019 YOM 2019 is based at Manchester Airport (MAN/EGCC) New Generation NGX Aircraft.

Both aircraft are available for EASA PART NCO Dry Hire/Lease under a Hire Agreement. The aircraft are not available for Charter. (Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport). For more information on Dry Hire/Leasing arrangements please get in touch via or call us quoting PC12.

A draft copy of the Dry Hire Agreement can be found and download here.

An explanation of Dry Hire, Costs and Inclusions and Exclusions can be downloaded here

Please get in touch with us if you require any clarification or have any questions.

Fleet Data

TBM900 AOC (CAT) – Passenger and Light Cargo – Charter

Ravenair operates TBM900 G-WMRN MSN 1159 is a new 2016 under a Management and Operations Agreement. We are progressing an AOC variation with the CAA for Single Engine Turbine (SET-IMC) approval on our PART CAT AOC.

The TBM900 by Daher SOCATA is a single engine turboprop utilising the worlds most reliable turbine aircraft engine. It is the fastest single engine turboprop aircraft in its category. It cruises at a maximum speed of 330 knots and its performance is similar to light jet aircraft but it has a lower operating cost and a lower environmental foot print.

The aircraft is equipped with the latest aviation technology including a full glass cockpit provided by Garmin. It has an air conditioned cabin which can accommodate up to 5 passengers and baggage offering additional comfort compared to Economy Class airline travel. The aircraft has a quiet cabin environment allowing passengers to work and relax whilst offering privacy and security.

Fleet Data

Both aircraft types can access many smaller airfields and airports which are not served by larger aircraft.